Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why do SEO results take time?

There are two ways for your website to appear in search engines, one through organic search results (SEO) the other through Pay per click (PPC) campaigns also referred as Search Engine Marketing SEM. Few things common among these two are - they display quality listings and most importantly they are displayed through relevance. The difference are - organic results take time to deliver results but is a great method to practice as it would increase your targeted traffic to your website over a period of time, a kind of good long term investment. Whereas PPC results are instant but the life time is short and an expensive exercise compared to SEO as you need to continously invest money for your advertisements to appear.

Organic SEO will give you good results if you are willing to wait instead of gaining immediate results. It is much more valuable to be listed highly in the organic results than in the PPC advertisements. Practice patience when going with organic SEO. It may take time but it will be worth the long term results you reap. The best reason to use organic SEO is that it is a low-cost method to promote your website. It can take up to three to six months to see results after optimizing your website. The major part of the work is completed once you have optimized the website. Use an analytical tool find how visitors are finding your website and what keywords they are using to find you.

If your submitting your website in search engines for the first time, you can expect a three to six month wait before your website gets indexed. But if you have a link pointing back at your URL from a website that is being crawled regularly then the wait is not that long.

However if you want to see immediate results you need to start investing in PPC campaigns, better still, use both SEO and PPC. The best combination for success involves using both SEO and PPC services. If you do not want to use PPC and see results using organic SEO only, then you need to wait a long time as it takes more time to achieve results.

When you run a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign, your Ads/results are show up quicker than SEO. PPC results are displayed as soon as you create and submit them, it would be available for users who are searching for your product/service. PPC requires a budget allocated on a monthly basis for your advertisement to appear.

To conclude "If Patience is not your virtue then I would recommed that you should implement PPC campaigns simultaneously with your SEO. Because you cannot receive immediate results through SEO activity."


tzewei said...

Hi Beno, good post! Are you having a SEO company over India?
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beno said...

thanks Tzewei. No i dont own a company, but I work for an Interactive agency called Dzine Garage

tzewei said...

Look like you are working in an exciting company. Nice to meet u though.

Beno John said...

yes it is...