Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What are sitelinks

One of the common questions that I get from my clients is - "How can I get my sub-page links listed along with my website URL in Google search result when I search for my company name?". Phew! such a long question. To begin with, these links that appear along with your domain name in Google search results are called "Site-links".

Basically, it is out of the Search engine optimizer's control to enable sitelinks in organic search result. Google has a process that produces these sitelinks which is executed through its algorithm based on various criterias. This typically occurs when someone searches for a brand or a company name in Google. It should be understood that not all sites get these sitelinks, it occurs mainly for websites that are huge, meaning sites with multiple subpages which should also be indexed by Google robots. Few of the criterias that enables these sitelinks are - the navigation format, the main navigation links and the popularity of these links. So it is obvious that one has no control which links of your website will appear in a sitelink.

If you had guessed 'relevance' also plays an important role, then you are right.

Hope this information was useful to people who wanted to know what sitelinks was.