Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Know your Web Server status codes

This information is not only for SEO's & Web analyst but also for developers who are not aware of Web Server Status codes. It is easy for a Web Analyst to communicate when developers are knowledgeable and understand what they are doing. This information is useful when we have an error page and want to track them in Google Analytics.

The web server status codes are split into 4 categories
200 series - indicate requested action was successful
300 series - indicate request for redirection
400 series - is a client side error and contains bad syntax
500 series - is a server side error and the server could not fulfill the request

2xx Success list
- 200 OK
- 201 Created
- 202 Accepted
- 203 Provisional Information
- 204 No Response
- 205 Deleted
- 206 Modified

3xx redirection list
- 301 Moved permanently
- 302 Moved temporarily
- 303 Method
- 304 Not modified

4xx Client error list
- 400 Bad request
- 401 Unauthorized
- 402 Payment required
- 403 Forbidden
- 404 Not Found
- 405 Method not Allowed
- 406 None Acceptable
- 407 Proxy Authentication Required
- 408 Request timeout

5xx Server error list
- 500 Internal server error
- 501 Not Implemented
- 502 Bad Gateway
- 503 Service Unavailable
- 504 Gateway Timeout

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sending Webpage through Emails

Came across something very interesting today. Imagine sharing a webpage in full in your emails instead of just sending the url as links! All you need to do is just enter the URL and send the webpage to your friends. You can experience this by using using

The feature is similar to the one in Facebook (except the page preview is not visible in the same page). You type the url - preview the subject (title), add a note, preview the page and then send. The catch is, you can use emailtheweb only if you have a Google account.

So I guess this feature will soon be a part of Google - an improvised version.