Monday, June 1, 2009

Google Analytics & Email Marketing - Let the tracking begin

Tracking your email campaigns is such an easy process when intergrated with Google Analytics, making it the most powerful Internet marketing measuring tool. In the process helping many online marketers understand the campaign performance, traffic share, sales conversion and ROI.

Open an account
To begin with sign up for an account by visiting Google Analytics. There are 2 tracking version, preferably select the newer version. Follow the instructions provided and place the tracking code in all the pages of the website.

Generating Email tracking code
Visit Google URL tool builder and put the required variables in the fields provide and generate indivial tracking urls for each link. Add these newly generated URLs to each of the links to track & understand your campaign in detail.

After the e-mail campaign is dispatched, Google Analytics automatically monitors the traffic the email campaign generated to the website, which links were most popular with your recipients, which region the campaign was most seen, how long they stayed and the number of conversion received (i.e. how many purchased or the number of leads received).

Online marketers can measure these metrics and then compare it over other online campaigns during the same period and understand the success/failure of their email marketing campaign.

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