Thursday, June 11, 2009

Importance of Anchor text

Anchor text is the keyword that is been linked to a site or web page. This is one important SEO practice that many people miss out or do not use it in the right way. It is very essential that we link our keywords to the respective landing page.

When we use a proper keyword for the anchor text, it informs or tells search engines what the page is all about. When used wisely, it boosts your rankings in search engines. It is more rewarding as the search engine visibility improves as more users click on your properly done anchor text. For example, if your site is about SEO then link the keyword "SEO", if it is about Jewelry link the text "Jewelry". Instead what many people do is provide anchor-text for text like 'Click here', 'Page2', 'Next', 'Part 2' or the name of the website.

Important notes on Anchor text
- Remember to provide proper anchor text for internal links & external links.
- Do not over optimize the page with the many anchor texts.
- Link it to other pages of the website as well and not just the homepage.

Command: The command to identify websites using anchor text is "allinanchor:yourkeyword".

Video on Anchor text: Check out the SEO tutorial video on anchor text by Gareth Davis.

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